Wednesday, May 24, 2017

power and love

Well, it's been awhile. I know I seem to say that every time I write a post, but I suppose that's because I'm not very consistent with writing. Which I would like to be, but life seems to take over oftentimes and I forget. I make mental notes, but... obviously those haven't helped very much. So anyways. I haven't fallen off the planet, for those of you who still happen to check in and read. I'm just busy. Nannying three little people, video work, family. It probably sounds like a lame excuse. Oh well. It's the truth.


I don't have a Bible study to share today. No long theological discourse (do I even write that way, anyways?). No brilliant "3 Ways to Grow Spiritually". All I want to share this morning is simply what Jesus is teaching me. It's been a hard past few months, full of ups and downs. Learning dependence upon Christ has not been an easy thing in my case, though I kick myself after the fact but it's oh so worth it and everything is just so much better with Him anyways, so why did I ever try to keep doing things myself? There's nothing like letting go of what I think I have to bring to the table, and simply allowing the Holy Spirit to use me to live His life. It was already His, right?

Lately I've been burdened. The people around me at work are not Christians, the people I pass while driving or walking down the street have their own story of brokenness to tell. I can't change any of it, but how I want to! The Lord began to teach me about power and love, two things which ought to flow from the life of one surrendered to the Holy Spirit of God.  Often I hear people say, "I don't even have to do anything but be nice, polite, and smile, because that's what Jesus would do. I want to show people the love of Jesus with my life." Okay, maybe they don't say that explicitly, but they live it. A Christian might be polite, sweet as sugar, and kind...but is that all a Christian is? Is saying "please" and "thank you" all that Jesus had to show for His ministry on this earth? At work there is a pressure to not say anything explicit about Jesus Christ and His saving work. While I won't be ashamed of my faith in the workplace, I feel like I've been given a chance to share the Gospel in a more roundabout, more creative fashion. I've begun to see the answer: power and love.

What does it truly look like to love with the love of God? This is a question that won't go away for me, and I've only begun to scratch the surface. I do know that it's not simply nice manners (I'm not encouraging anyone to stop using manners...please use them!), that though a smile is encouraging, it's not the fullness of the Gospel. There's something about actions powered by Love that stop people in their tracks and cause them to say, "What's different about you?" (hint: it's not saying 'thank you' and 'you're welcome') It's a poured out life. It's the type of living that means I'm willing to be walked over, disregarded, never noticed, if only for the sake of bringing a person to Jesus and letting them see His shining, glorious Light. It's being willing to stay hours past your shift to give someone the chance to encounter another Believer. It's taking the lowest place – whatever that place is – to see someone else prosper. It's living like Jesus, truly. This is the kind of love that catches peoples' eye and makes them wonder. And then, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Being able to withstand the storms in life that would crush others. Staying calm when the world is screaming. Praying for needs and seeing them answered. Laying hands on the sick and seeing them healed. Walking in a manner that demonstrates to the world around us, "My God is powerful, in control, and loves you." It's not about being powerful for the sake of having power, it's walking in authority as a son or daughter of God so that we can reach the world around us. It's living like Jesus.

Maybe I didn't communicate all that in the way in which is written in my heart, but I so deeply desire to see the world around me changed by the love and power of Jesus Christ. I have surrendered my life to Him, so why shouldn't He be using me? I am not my own, I am bought with a price...but more than that I am adopted as a child of King Jesus. I live in His Kingdom, like one of His. I am called to bring that Kingdom to this earth, and I am called to do so with the power and love of the Holy Spirit. He's good, y'all. He comes through. His love for us is only the beginning, and He wants to take me deeper so that I can point people higher. What a Jesus.