Monday, May 25, 2015

come, Holy Spirt, come!

Today, the world is changing. Rapidly. Our nation has no regard for life and godliness. ISIS is moving in the Middle East. Innocent men, women, and children are being slaughtered. Sex and human trafficking are on the rise. Abortion is a common evil. The sanctity of marriage is labeled an old-fashioned idea. The Church of Christ is turning a blind eye to the plight of those in need. Ignoring the very lack of the Holy Spirit in their lives. No longer do people stand for righteousness, but they celebrate wickedness and push for its spread. Our culture is so preoccupied with self and vain things. [2 peter 3:3] Before stopping to help the needy, the poor, the destitute, we casually and flippantly say, "But first, let me take a selfie!" Where are the mighty men and women of God that stand for Truth and cry, "Repent!"? Today those sorts are labeled fanatics and imprisoned for their faith. A lion is in the street, but no one stands up to challenge it. [proverbs 26:13]

Today, the Spirit is moving. A mighty rushing wind is stirring; the Spirit is calling the chosen people back to Himself. Those who hear, and who are obedient, are rising. Preparing. Readying themselves for the rain. The genuine baptism from God Almighty. We are waiting for a full realization of Pentecost in our lives.  There is a movement of the Holy Spirit taking place in various places of the United States that I have personally witnessed. I have heard of the work of Jesus across the oceans, in far away places, with far away people. In Northern Colorado specifically, I have stood in awe of the ways God has been working. It's started in the hearts of individuals, and moved to the families, and now is beginning to manifest in the church body. We are crying out, in unison, "Fall on us, Holy Spirit! Move in us mightily!"

Today, my heart is beating. With a burden for the American church that is going down without a fight, I am crying. With an excitement for the wind of the Spirit to move through the churches and bring all people to Himself, I am waiting. I am not content for my own soul to be prosperous, but those around me to being to wither. I am not content, either, for those around me to flourish, and my soul to be dying. If the Body of Christ does not fall on its face, first as individuals, and then as a body, and seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit in their own lives, we will fall. We will compromise, and we will turn our eyes away from Christ. It is only the grace and power of the Spirit of Almighty God, that will carry us through the last days as a powerful witness. [acts 1:8]

Because the last days are here. And there is evil terrorizing the land. The elect of God are being deceived. [2 timothy 3:1]

what are we doing about it?

The twenty-one martyrs in the Middle East, murdered by ISIS, called out the praises of their great God as they were being led to their deaths. No fear. Only a desire for Jesus to be glorified. If they were going to go down, they weren't going down without one last spiritual fight: to make the world see Jesus, even in something as tragic as death. Those left untouched thanked ISIS for bringing them into the presence of Jesus. They are filled with love and forgiveness for such men. Because Christ is their all. [revelation 12:11]

Will we go down easily, or will the world marvel at Christ in us, even as we die? The day will soon come where I will be faced with a choice: stay silent or face the consequences. At a small level, we already face that. We risk losing a job, or being excluded from a group of people, or are denied certain rights. But what I am talking about is this: are we willing to die for Jesus? 

The Holy Spirit is available to you. To me. I have been baptized in the Spirit, but I'm going for more. I'm falling in love with Christ all over again, and all I seem to be able to cry out is, "More, Lord Jesus, more!" The Church will never be able to stand unless we push for more of the Spirit. Unless we desire a genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit, and continue to seek Christ for that very thing, we will go down. We will be a disunited Church, concerned with the cares of this life.

But I'm not about to stand by and let that happen. Even as an almost-17-year-old, I will pour out all that I have been given to see those around me united and filled with the power from on High, for His glory. I will continue to seek Christ. I will continue to long for the return of Jesus. To be united, face to face, with my Beloved.

will you seek more of Him with me?


Below are two videos that have encouraged me so greatly this past week. The first is the testimony of the brother of two men martyred by ISIS. The second is a lyric video of a song by Chris Tomlin/Passion about the return of Christ. How I long to be a Bride that is ready for Him!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

living alive.

you are beloved.

you are chosen. set-apart.

you are [called].

this calling is an invitation to holiness. to victory. Christ beckons from the right hand of the Father, calling you, and me, to come nearer. draw ever nearer. put the things of your old man behind you, and drop every thing that so easily besets you.

as I come closer to the throne room of God, His light shines. it is a piercing light. a light that commands the darkness to flee. will I allow the darkness inside of me to flee when I draw near to God, or will I hold on to that which I've lived in for so long?

{I will let Christ reign supreme.} 

in the way of the righteous I will walk. I will throw off my old man, embrace my oneness with Christ. live the way I was intended to live, with the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus my Lord residing inside of me. because He is worthy. and I am treasured in His eyes. He sees not my blunderings, my mistakes, or my sins. He is not ignorant of who I am apart from me, but He looks at me now as the bride He died for, purchased, and clothed. I will live worthy of that calling to be His bride. armed with the full armor provided by my Groom, I will live this out. because He has made a way for you to be the way He made you to be.

we must forsake sin. throw off our flesh. deny the old man.

we live as one alive to the Spirit.