Monday, May 6, 2013

the Lord hath sworn

Ahhh!   It's good to be back. :)  

So, have I mentioned that God is good? Really good, amazing, and holy..... ALL THE TIME?  In case you didn't know, my family is adopting a sibling pair from Colombia! We call them JJ on the Internet.  If you want to read the AMAZING testimony about how it all got started, read    After a testing of faith when we discovered that we could no longer adopt JJ, the couple who was originally pursuing them dropped out, and we got the kids! Yes!  Well.... not so fast. It turned out that the orphanage refused the letter of intent, and had placed JJ with an Italian couple...   because mom and dad had biological children.

Fast forward one week ago.  Sweaty kids, badminton rackets, swishing sounds.  Cheers after beating a really tall guy in my class soon turned to dismay as I lost game after game, and ended up in ninth place on the board.  Well, I did win one other time. Right after I looked towards the door of the gym and saw my mom's sobbing figure.  The first thought was "who died; who's hurt; are you okay".  The next thought was "she's smiling and laughing while crying..... what is going on?"   So I ran over, and before I could even ask what happened, she blurted, "They've backed out! The Italian couple has backed out and the orphanage wants to know if we want JJ!"  I stood in shock, then smiled, then excitedly explained everything to my friend standing next to me with a confused look on his face, then hugged that friend's sister who did know our story and had been praying with us, and then whooped my next badminton challenge.   God is faithful... the Lord hath sworn!

So, this has to be quick, because I still have my math to finish up, but seriously!  God is an awesome God! How many adoptions do you know of where two.... TWO.... families have backed out, and God has shown himself strong, worthy, and unfailing?     Well, you've seen one if you're reading this!  So I just wanted to put God's goodness out for all to see! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

The LORD hath sworn.  He's promised. He does not fail.  Ever.