Sunday, March 3, 2013

reality check.

Sometimes I feel like life is so mundane, that my life is so boring, or that God can not really use me for the BIG impacts both He and I desire.  I'm not old enough to go do things or go to places I would love to, and I just can never seem to reach that level of 'spiritualness' that makes me feel good.  Life seems to be for those other people, the ones that are older or wiser or whatever.  And then that check in my spirit comes.
It's not about how I feel, or even about me.  A really gripping image was presented in a book called crazy love by Francis Chan.  He gave the analogy that you are an extra in a movie, and you are so excited that you go around telling everyone you know about this movie about you. Then your friends watch it and are like "dude, we saw the back of your head, that's not a movie about you".  But we act as if the movie of life is all about us when every single scene is purposed to bring GLORY TO GOD. All that we were created for was to bring glory to the creator, to the One behind it all.


Every single action we take, every breath, blink, heartbeat, it's all for Him.  Every single thing on planet earth was created for Him... including us.  So why can't we get that into our heads?  He loves us too much to leave us in the state of mind that life is about us. When you are dead, no one will care about the clothes you wore, the car you drove, the phone case you showed off, or even your grades. Sure, we get caught up in all the business of these things. But how many of us are thinking about how we leave this earth? Will we leave a legacy of being Christ-like?  Will our friends proudly tell their children of their friend who gave up everything and forsook this world to follow the footsteps of God Almighty? Or are we concerned that we don't have the newest shoes, purse, or clothing item? Think about it. We have a two second scene in God's movie of life. How will we use the precious time alloted to us? God is screaming at us "reality check!", and we just relax and go shopping.  Is this life making a difference, creating a dent in history, being written about in the Lambs Book of Life?