Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Shaving Contest

So, I posted a while back a picture of my sister and I under an airport sign saying "Paris".  Remember? Well, we weren't going to Paris :(, but we were going to Georgia for a Father Daughter Retreat! So I wanted to post a video of our time, but haven't done it yet (so sorry), but I did want to post a few pictures of the amazingly awesome Father/Daughter Shaving Contest!  Mr. Phillips ( called up a few dads and daughters to participate in this contest, and guess who was selected? Yours truly's dad! (Did that make any sense?)  Anyways, Dad and Anna were chosen to go up and Anna had to "get her father ready for work". So the girls messed up their dad's hair, took off the dads' ties, and took of their shoes.  They had to comb the dads' hair, put on the tie, put on their shoes, and "shave" their fathers! (Not with a real razor, mind you. Only with plastic knives.)  Without further ado, the Shaving Contest! :)

My dad and all the others (don't worry about his messed-up hair; that was Anna's doing :)

The winners? The Rosens! :) No, seriously!