Friday, December 30, 2011

update. finally.

I know, I know.  You all are shocked that I haven't posted in forever.  I am partly to blame, but here's mostly why:   WE ARE MOVING INTO THE MOUNTAINS!!!!   Oh oh oh I am so so so excited to be done moving!  We have our stuff up at the other house (Drake) and we're finishing cleaning, moving, etc. here at the Powell's home in Windsor.  I have never been more happy to move!  Isn't it so amazing how Jesus can provide for us??  Isn't it so amazing to think that we want to do things our way (all the time) when He is so much bigger than us?  I wish I was reminded of that all day long!  Anyways, hopefully once the Rosen's are all settled I will post again... or maybe I'll forget I even have a blog in the midst of mountain beauty... or maybe I'll let ya'll have peaks into my new mountain life! :)  So excited!

PS.   Btw,  Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011


"And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it."    

- 2 John 1:6

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


... everything we do to honor and glorify Jesus Christ?

Sunday, December 11, 2011


It's all so ... rushed. Busy. Loud. Noisy. Selfish. Expensive. No time for anything; gotta get to where I'm going and FAST. Hurry -- get to that store before they're out of stock! No time for chitchat, kids, mom's gotta go to work and get you to school before either of us is late.  Dad, I wanted the pink Under Armour shirt, not the blue Nike one!

Will it ever slow down?

It's fun at times.  I admit it.  But what happens to our minds and bodies when it all catches up on us?  When we lay down at night, totally exhausted?  When we got the blue Nike shirt instead of the pink Under Armour one?  What happens...?  We go on living like that.  Most of us really never get a break from it.  It's all rushed and hurried, and everyone is so focused on their schedules they don't have time to go and live a free and satisfying life.  Why?

Is there relief?  Is there actually a cure for this messed-up, broken and fast-lane life that we live??  We all wish there were.  Jesus is relief.  I really think that oughta be added to list of God's names.  There's rest and comfort... but is there relief?  I suppose comfort and rest come close... but seriously, Jesus is RELIEF.  Think about it.  It's true.  And yet we know the answer and go look for another one!

I do, too.

I hate to admit it.  I would like to say I've mastered going to Him with everything; that I'm giving ya'll a bit of wisdom... I'm just like you.  Turning from Jesus to search for another answer.  I don't know who "you" is, but that's what I'm like.  And I'm trying... hard.  I used to not care.  But other answers have not worked.  So I'm turning back to Jesus and asking Him for help.

Will you join me??