Thursday, October 27, 2011


Do chilly winter mornings make you want to snuggle under a blanket on the couch with your mug of hot chocolate (my FAVORITE), while looking out of the window at the fog and frost covered lake across the street?  I really believe that I'm having a taste of what Narnia truly was like.  I also really, truly believe that I was supposed to live in Narnia, but a mix up happened, and so now I'm stuck here on earth (although I don't mind that much :). Well, this morning was one of those mornings (and let's not forget to play Candyland!).  Today has really taken my breath away (not just because it's very chilly outside)!  It is so breathtaking to walk outside and see the white snow resting on the ground, patiently waiting for the sun to end it's visit.  Today was one of those 'snowball' types of days, too (just don't hit your dad's face).  

Today, all of it, was pretty close to perfect.

 Aren't clothes sort-of odd at times? (Was that random??)  I mean, today I wore a summer dress with a sweater and scarf and leggings and boots, and I don't think anyone knew that it was a summer dress.  (Winter has that effect on people :)  Anyway, today was just purely, simply a gift.  A gift from the Creator to His people.  And I'm thankful that He gives us gifts to brighten up our day.  He always knows how much we need them!  I am just simply thrilled when I glance outside at the shimmering blanket of snow!  It's so... pure!  And yet God calls us to be 'whiter than snow'.  He created something so white and pure and calls us to live higher than that!  Wow!  So, all of you people blessed with snowfall, enjoy your day and thank God for His many bountiful gifts!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

midnight blizzard.

At around 1 in the morning, I suddenly woke up.  "What was that?"  I thought.  I sat up in bed and turned to look out my window.  Snow was swirling all throughout my backyard!  It was... a midnight blizzard.  I couldn't get back to sleep, until finally the howling of the winter wind and snow put me into that sort-of 'haziness stage'.  I fell to sleep.  

"Kate! Wake up!"  I groggily opened my eyes to see my mom sitting on the bed next to me. "Good morning..."  She pointed to the window. "Look."  I sat up and turned to look out my window.  I gasped.  My midnight blizzard had turned a normal backyard into my very own Narnia.  The phrase 'always winter, never Christmas' ran through my head.  I looked at the dazzling white snow in disbelief. Last night it had only been a drizzling rain, and at midnight a blizzard, and now... this?  

winter warmth 2 by ~anjart on deviantART

I slipped out of bed in my warm, fuzzy, oversized pjs and tshirt and walked downstairs to find that the big Aussie tree in our neighbor's yard was touching the ground.  It was covered in snow, and I watched it in fascination. Now I was waiting to see if Mr. Tumnus would walk down the sidewalk, carrying packages and an umbrella. :)  I ran upstairs and grabbed The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe from my bookshelf. This was the perfect time to read that!  I read the first few pages and then walked outside onto our front porch with my big, blue winter jacket on to keep me warm.  I looked up into the white sky, and felt an unexplainable warmth fill my heart.  As if Mr. Tumnus were playing his flute behind a tree, a little melody made it's way to my ears, and yet, nobody was playing anything. Jesus loves me, this I know... for the Bible tells me so... Jesus loves me!  And I know it! Isn't that SO amazing?!  The Creator of this beautiful day loves me!  So, dear friends, if you are experiencing a beautiful day right now, know that your King loves you.  

Didn't your day just get better?

further up. further in.

"I have come home at last!  This is my real country! I belong here.  This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now.  The reason why we loved the old Narnia is that it sometimes looked a little like this. Bree-hee-hee!  Come further up, come further in!"

~Jewel the Unicorn, The Last Battle

Friday, October 21, 2011

“He has a divine Master, whose example he follows, though in deep humility!  He lays down his power; it is not taken from him.  Earthly crowns are dross to him who looks for a heavenly one.”  - Scottish Chiefs

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

farmhouses, fields, and fiddles.

I'm dreaming right now of a place far, far away in my imagination.  I hope you don't mind me going off and getting lost, and I hope you won't mind listening to me blabber all about my dreams. :)

I'm dreaming of a little white farmhouse in a valley in the middle of the mountains, with horses grazing nearby, with white puffy clouds floating above in the blue sky.  In this serene landscape there's a girl just wandering the fields, letting the brown and white horses sniff her hands for a treat every once in a while.  She's carrying a violin.  When she reaches the middle of a field full of weeds, grass, and wildflowers, she takes a deep breath and brings the instrument under her chin.  She sets the bow upon the strings... and plays.  She plays a melody that only she and One other knows.  It's a simple song that comes from the depths of her heart.  All of her worries and cares fade away, and one thought is ever present in her mind: play for One.  She finishes her song and wanders back towards the white farmhouse.  She's humming a tune as she pushes open the white gate that leads to the front door.  She climbs a wooden staircase and sets her violin on her bed with the quilt that her grandmother  made, and then reaches for her journal, the one covered with a worn flowered fabric.  She begins to write. "My precious Jesus..."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

dance. and then dance some more.

My sister is crazy about Israeli dancing.  She'll dance across the floor on the way to breakfast,  she'll sit in bed and practice dancing while laying on her back, and she will drag me to dance class on Tuesday nights (I do enjoy it, actually.).  I am not as crazy about it as she is.  Her goal in life is to become a Uniformed Dancer and dance 24/7.  She loves it! It's her passion.

"Let them praise his name in the dance."  Ps 149:3

Some of us would be like, "Oh that's nice.  Anna can be passionate about it and we'll let Kate tell us all about her dancing exploits, but we'll stay at home and do other things."  I said it earlier: I am not crazy about dancing!  But I could be.  If I truly wanted to be.  We all could be head over heels for this dance thing.  We're supposed to be.  Not for Israeli dancing, but for dancing before our King.  We could all learn a lesson from Anna.  We could all be before His throne, dancing for Him, looking for His approval.  Did you see the verse above?  If not, please read it.  Let them praise His name in the dance.  That's us.  We are supposed to be praising our Lover, our King, and our Salvation.  We should see what He has rescued us from and sing 'Hallelujah!' while dancing every moment.  Our God is a god of joy.  Are we joyful when we dance?  Or are we as I used to be when Anna dragged me along to class: Why am I here?  I have other things to do! This is so boring! Not fun at all!  Dancing is a privilege! We should be overjoyed at the thought of being able to dance before our King!  We should all be praising His name in the dance.  His dance.  The one He has laid out for us to dance.  Let me introduce to you a new concept that I just discovered!  Some people have signs in their youth groups and schools that say, "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk??" (or something similar!)  I want to call that walk a dance. We can all say we love to dance, but can we actually... dance?? 

ps.  For all of you people wondering about this Israeli dancing thing, you should check it out (if you live near Loveland)!  Beginner's class starts at 6:30 Tuesday nights at Jerusalem of Gold (in the Outlets at Loveland).  I would love to see you there!  Wouldn't that be so cool if we all actually did dance the dance? :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

a little something.

Here's where we were this past week!  Marble and Redstone, you are now two of my favorite CO towns!

On the way back we stopped here!


Mountain streams always make a day brighter, right?

I absolutely LOVE this one!  We took a hike and got this shot.

Oak leaves.

The beautiful aspens of Colorado.

"A little garden in which to walk, and immensity in which to dream."


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today is the kind of day that makes you want to curl up on your bed and take a nap.  Is it okay for 13 year old girls to take naps?  I don't know, but I did.  Today is the kind of day that makes you want to stick your backpack in a closet and never look at it again.  And yet... today is the kind of day that makes you want to surround yourself with your homework in an attempt to get it all done in one day.  That's today.  I've taken my nap (I slept for 3 hours... is that a nap anymore??), and I did stick my backpack away so that I would not have to see it!  But yet I still want to get all of my homework for the week done; yes, all of it!  That includes:  10 pgs Civics, 2 chapters of a political book, writing a short story, preparing a speech, and doing one other thing I can't remember as of now.  The question running through my head right now is, "WHY?"  To be honest, I have no idea!  Today is just one of those days.  Everyday is different, if you ask me.  One day you want to be on the front line of battle with Peter and Aslan, and the next you want to be sitting in a tree with Alice of Wonderland, reading.  But one thing is the same everyday.  I won't tell you what it is, but this one thing makes everyday so much sweeter if you let it.  What is it?

Alice in wonderland

Monday, October 3, 2011


Jesus is all I want.  It is hard at times to follow Him faithfully, but He is all I want.  Yes, there are distractions, but Jesus Christ is all I want.  Do you know Him?  He knows you.  He knows me, and I want to have a lasting relationship with my King of Kings.  I need, I want, Jesus to be my First Love.  He's my everything.  He's the reason I breathe.  No other person on this earth should be held in higher esteem than my Jesus.  He wants me.  He is jealous for me.  I want Him.  I love you Jesus... invade my life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I believe that girls wear perfume just to impress other girls.  I mean, if girls want to magnetically attract guys to their side they would wear something that smelled like a spicy chicken burrito!"

-Eric Ludy, When God Writes Your Love Story


Missionary Attacked with Swords, Left for Dead - Gospel for Asia