Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victory in Jesus!

I heard an old, old story, how a Savior came from glory,
How He gave His life on Calvary to save a wretch like me;
I heard about His groaning, of His precious blood's atoning,
Then I repented of my sins and won the victory

O victory in Jesus, my Saviour, forever,
He sought me and he bought me with His redeeming blood;
He loved me ere I knew Him and all my love is due Him,
He plunged me to victory, beneath the cleansing flood

I heard about His healing, of His cleansing pow'r revealing,
how He made the lame to walk again and caused the blind to see;
and then I cried "Dear Jesus, come and heal my broken spirit,"
and somehow Jesus came and bro't to me the victory

I heard about a mansion He has built for me in glory,
and I heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea;
about the angels singing, and the old redemption story,
and some sweet day I'll sing up there the song of victory

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We're Back!

Hello! We're back in the US! Isn't it weird... yesterday morning I was in my bed at the mission and at lunchtime the same day I was with my friends in San Diego? The border crossing did not take as long as we thought it would. It was just getting to the border crossing that took a while! Mom and dad said that the traffic was like LA rush hour. But rush hour would be much more entertaining if there were Mexican vendors in between lanes trying to sell you stuff!! It was really the funniest thing. We wanted to buy a Mexican soccer ball, and the man selling the balls wanted to have $25 for it! We only had ten dollars, so we firmly told him, "WE ONLY HAVE TEN DOLLARS, MISTER!" He then stuck his head in the window (as the car is slowly moving forward) and said, "Well, what do have to give me? Radios? Cell phones? Oh, men's sunglasses?" Then mom said, "Hey, look... look in our wallets! We don't have anything!" Then he said... "Oh, I could use a wallet!" We sighed. Finally he got the $10 and we got the ball. The crossing was easy. The man looked at us and our passports and waved us through. But leaving Mexico wasn't that easy for me. I was leaving my new friends, my little kiddos in the daycare, my Sebastian. Even though my time at the mission wasn't all fun and great, I still missed it terribly. A week before we left, Sebastian's mom came to the mission and took him home. That's when I wrote "Tiny Hands". And being with his older brother in the daycare every day didn't make my sorrow easier. But "in the good times and bad, He is on the throne!" I've made so many good memories, but I know that God also needs missionaries in the USA. I'm willing to "rise up, proclaim the Gospel and be unashamed of it"... wherever I am. So please keep praying for the people in Mexico, and the people in the United States.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Call of Christ

They called me insignificant,
I couldn't do anything, they said.
They laughed, teased, and mocked me,
And I soon began to believe them.

They had low expectations for me,
I didn't try to do anything more,
And when I heard about their Jesus,
well, He was for the rich, not the poor.

I continued on in my sin,
Mocking others, just like them.
I never gave Jesus a second thought,
He was for winners- I never win.

But one day I was in my room
I heard a still, small voice that said,
"I'm looking for someone to go for me."
I hung my head because of my sin.

I wanted to be a hero,
But my life was a failure.
I tried to look away from the face of Jesus,
I tried, and couldn't.

He told me to do the most simplest things,
such as kneel, close my eyes, and pray.
I accepted Jesus as my Savior,
Now I'm His, always.

So when I heard Him call again,
saying, "Who will go for me?"
I simply got down on my knees
and said, "Here am I, send me."

-Sarah Kate

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tiny Hands

(dedicated to Sebastian, my amigo)

The bright eyes,

the bright smile.

The tiny hands,
that slip into mine.

We spin and jump.

He shouts and laughs.
Those tiny hands,

that help him play.

He’s happy here.

He loves his life.

Those tiny hands,

giving love.

The precious life,

the special boy.
His tiny hands,

that hug me.

His mother comes.

Confusion, sadness.

The tiny hands,

taken away.

I wanted him to stay.

I wanted to love him longer.
The tiny hands,

one last time.

But God has a plan,

that’s not anyone’s,

that is not mine,

for those tiny hands.

-Sarah Kate

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...a boy called Havier...

The disabled kids here at the mission are so sweet. They'll smile at me as they go to lunch. I love them! One of the disabled kids, a boy named Havier, is not able to smile at me as he heads to lunch. It's because he can't go to lunch. Havier is seventeen years old. He has muscular dystrophy. It's very sad. He was very sick last week, but recovered. Now he's not doing so well. Actually, he's doing really bad! He hasn't eaten for five days now, and sleeps most of the time. We visited him today. He was very thin and weak. Please pray that he will get better! Everyone at the mission loves Havier. I will show pics soon.

And Jesus went about all the cities and villages. . . . .healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

Matthew 9:35

Monday, June 6, 2011

...two girls called Sarah and Yiria...

So, the first night we were at the mission, we had to "babysit" a casa (or house). There are seven different casas. We were put in Casa 2. There were four little boys and three big girls. After a week here, I've become good friends with two of them: Sarah and Yiria (Year - ia). They always save me a spot at Casa 2's table at lunch, even though I'm not very good at communicating with them. Our first night with them they taught us a little bit of Spanish. Basically how to say "Como se de se?" (How do you say...) Before I go I have a quick, funny story to tell. One afternoon at lunch, I was curios on how to say things in Spanish. I pointed to the bread and said, "Como se de se?" Sarah smiled and said, "Pan." (I think) I was so excited to learn more! Pointing to the tortillas (not thinking at all, either), I said, "Como se de se?" Sarah looked at me funny before saying in a don't-you-know? voice, "Tortillas." I could have kicked myself! I knew that! So, there's a funny story. Yiria, Me, and Sarah